new property


Our service is designed to make life easy for you. Once a client requests a quotation - we'll do the rest. In the case of a newly built property we can provide a floor to ceiling fit-out completed right up to full corporate letting standard if required.

  • Client requests free quotation
  • We arrange access to property
  • We take exact measurements (windows / floors etc.)
  • Send itemized quote to client ( via email / fax / post)
  • Meet client at our showrooms
  • Agree on final list of items & adjust quote accordingly
  • Fit-out property within agreed time frame

You can be as involved or removed from the process as you like - no stress, no strain. On your visit to our showrooms you can view our product ranges.

our focus - style, durability & cost

We source these products from throughout Ireland, Europe and Asia. The balance of style, durability & cost allows us to present a package that looks smart, and can live up to the rough n' tumble rented properties inevitably get - all at a very competitive price.